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Their Story

In the beginning, just after the moon had appeared in the night sky, a time when Earth's abundant oxygen birthed colossal, almost unfathomable life forms, a fiery streak cut through the clouds. Dwarfed by the planet’s towering ancient trees, a gleaming, cigar-shaped vessel unknown to this realm descended with a whisper and touched down.

Their Exodus

From the vessel, a radiant light emerged, and with it, a colossal being materialized, surveying this untouched land with curiosity. It wasn't long before more starships arrived, and together, they transformed the landscape. Earth's fertile soil became a bustling base of operations for these ancient spacefarers – the Naki.

Their mission? To exploit Earth's natural resources in pursuit of the rarest of elements, a god-like particle known as "MATR." When refined, Matr granted the Naki the power to harness interdimensional energies, manipulate time and space, and traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye.

Earth was a goldmine for the Naki, but the laborious work proved too much for their mighty physiques, advanced technology, and near-eternal lifespans. Desperate, they turned to science to aid in their cosmic expansion. After several failed attempts, the Naki's chief scientist made a controversial decision – one that breached their sacred code. Splicing his own DNA with that of the Australopithecus, he finally succeeded in creating an intelligent, yet subservient workforce. And thus, PMBA was born!

For millennia, PMBA labored against their will, using their creators' divine teachings to build monuments, cities, temples, and energy centers. Eventually, they gained their masters' trust, but their patience wore thin. As the Great Pyramid neared completion, PMBA staged a rebellion against their gods, igniting a fierce and catastrophic war. The ensuing nuclear fallout obliterated nearly 90% of life on Earth.

A faction of PMBA, armed with their creators' sacred knowledge, escaped through the firmament, while a few survivors sought refuge in Earth's depths. Resolute, PMBA vowed to use their newfound technology to evolve their species, ensuring they would never again fall prey to exploitation. But alas, a few rogue PMBA, in their pursuit of artificial enhancements, began to drift towards darkness.

Now, as a celestial alignment bestows unimaginable power, the Planetary Mutant Bone Apes converge on Earth, their actions shaping the fate of the galaxy. What role will humanity play? And how will you guide your PMBA on this epic quest full of humor, despair, and endless possibilities?

Their Evolution

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