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Technology Director


20 year gamer   

Favorite Genre


Bad Habbits

Drives too fast

Favorite Pastime


A Bit About Me

I'm a Gen Xer passionate about tech, gaming, investing, motorsports, and Web3. I'm also an avid outdoorsman who loves to ride the trails on an MTB or snowboard.


Before Web3, I worked with dope supercar manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti. Factory-trained in earlier models like the Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago, I entered the automotive industry as it metamorphosed from a mechanical to a digital era. The introduction of solid-state computers, fuel injection, and software revolutionized the industry. It led to meeting a lot of interesting people all over the world. I participated in a lot of cool stuff with motorsports at raceways, car shows, and factory-sponsored events.


I started online gaming when Electronic Arts released Battlefield 1942 with a group of degens called the Poon Platoon (yeah, I know). It's where I got my gaming moniker. We would compete against teams in

ladder-style tournaments. Soon after, I joined a gaming clan called BP, and we competed in league play in games like Battlefield Vietnam, America’s Army, and EVE Online.  I mostly play FPS games like Dayz,

Arma, COD, Battlefield, Hell Let Loose and Escape from Tarkov.


I started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and got into NFTs in the summer of 2021. I’ve seen some things. I enjoy learning about new stuff and following current markets.


I’m relatively straightforward, and I cut to the chase. My approach can be blunt at times, but know that I strive to be honest upfront, and understanding towards others. I’m looking forward to the future and

what's coming.

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