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Our Work

Discover Our Passion: A Showcase of Artistry, Planning, Dedication.

PMBA is a civilization of ancient beings with advanced technology. Born from a blend of Creator Gods' DNA and Australopithecus, they once served to mine Earth's resources for their masters' cosmic conquests. After a cataclysmic rebellion and near-apocalyptic fallout, PMBA sought freedom and evolution amongst the stars, while others sought refuge within Earth's depths.

Now, as a celestial alignment offers unprecedented power, the Planetary Mutant Bone Apes converge on Earth, with their choices shaping the galaxy's fate. What role will humanity play? And how will you guide your PMBA on this epic quest?


Planetary Mutant Bone Alphas

Experience the explosive launch of Planetary Mutant Bone Apes, Genesis project, PMB-Alpha’s.  10,000 unique pixelated mutant bone apes.  The art is derived from designs by Osiris.  This collection features 100 traits that are ‘out of this world’.  Alphas draws parallels between the early ages of digital technology, paying homage to the 70 and 80’s.


This is PMBA’s base level of evolution, in pixelated grayscale form. Hair, clothes, eyes, mouth and background are some of the traits that will be autogenerated and illustrate Alpha’s evolutionary advancements, as well as their unintended mishaps.  You have been presented with an opportunity to join the Alpha’s as they head towards a new frontier.  Join our Discord to learn more and become a Bone Cadet.


Mars Animated.gif

Pixelated Mutant Bone Animapes

PMBA has done it again!  Experience 10,000 unique Pixelated Mutant Bone Apes brought to life in animated form.  Using science, magic and technology they have modified their minds and bodies in order to hasten their civilizations evolution.  PMBA are efficient and will always conserve or convert where possible.  As such you will notice a few select traits that carryover from the previous, less evolved collection.  PMBA takes on new personality featuring animated backgrounds, mouths, eyes, hair...oh my! 


10,000 unique hand drawn, black and white PMBA's.  This cornerstone, the first of our premier collections, offers a new level of detail, lore and complexity.  Ed was in complete harmony with PMBA and it shows in his artistry.  Experience visual delight with their Monochromatic characteristics on display in over 400 traits.   This is the first of our 'Hidden Gem' collections.  Embedded in the rarest of NFT's will be clues that will lead you on a journey of discovery and reward.    

PMBA N67_nrs45.png

Planetary Monochromatic Bone Apes


PMBA Blast.png

Planetary Mutant Bone Apevolution

10,000 unique 3D Planetary Mutant Bone Apes.  Its predecessors have succeeded in propelling the evolutionary scales forward.  This generative NFT collection marks the first release of PMBA in full color.  If we have learned anything about this ancient race, it’s that progress doesn’t stop here.  Their characteristic ape skeletons and fangs may look the same but as the human saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover”.  Witness history in the making as PMBA unleash their newfound power and abilities upon the world.


Planetary Mutant Bone Arrival

Under Construction.  PMBA has landed in the Sandbox.  Get Ready!!! 

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